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Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in his first press conference proved that he is better politician than those who are self-endorsed politician. True that Mr. Singh had nothing to clarify about the stance of his government. He repeated almost all the points what was spoken earlier in parliamentary forum or other forums. In fact, UPA government could achieve successful nuclear deal with USA in very its first term. The successive budgets of his government were presented with a focus Congress party had in mind.
Although the task entrusted to him is still unfinished and therefore he would like to complete his term. According to him, the agenda is unfinished yet. Off course, he made it clear in the same breath that he is ready to make way for Rahul Gandhi whenever Congress party so demands. He considers Rahul Gandhi as fit for the cabinet minister’s post. He also urged him to join the ministry many times in past; however he was helpless as Rahul Gandhi was reluctant.
Manmohan Singh’s claim that the task assigned to him is unfinished yet, may not be taken on its face value. Manmohan Singh’s statement should be taken on the background of criticism about the entry of Neharu-Gandhi family members. Is Manmohan Singh making pitch for Rahul Gandhi? The twenty first century put an end to slogan shootings, public rallies at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan or at Shivaji Park in Mumbai and such gimmicks in Indian politics. Slogan shouting crowds (pro and against) was most handy technique employed by party followers. So was about public meeting. Rallies were to look crowed with the help of the trucks provided by goods transport businesses in Mumbai. Now with the mushroom growth news channels in TV media, now rallies and slogan shouting crowds and rallies could be big flop, not the worth risk taking.
The Neharu-Gandhi family member’s entry in politics was highly controversial on number of occasions. Even the Congressmen did not welcome Neharu-Gandhi family members. The oppositions were critical about all the members of Neharu-Gandhi family. Once, Madhu Limaye, the socialist leader in parliament described Ms. Indira Gandhi as ‘gungi gudiya’ (dumb doll). When Rajiv Gandhi was inducted in top slot in the country, slanting reference was made about Rajiv Gandhi and his friends. ‘Doon Boys’ (raw college boys of Dehradoon School) was the adjective used by newspapers. Ms. Sonia Gandhi herself was very low profile when she entered the politics. Sharad Pawar formed his own party, the Nationalist Congress, only to oppose Sonia Gandhi’s leadership. Sharad Pawar’s party remains rickety after almost a decade. How a person of Italian origin could become prime minister, questioned the BJP; however this question is almost forgotten by both BJP and the nation.
The public appeal to Rahul Gandhi by someone like Manmohan Singh should be looked in the special Indian political context. Hinting the space for Rahul Gandhi by non-less than Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, suggests lot in politics. Does the press conference of prime minister cast the shadows of coming events? May be May not be.
-Ramesh Zawar
Senior Journalist

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